Get a LIFT by being REGENerated!

By Larry Jackson ATC, PES, LMT
I spent 2 and half weeks in Ghana a few years ago. While riding along the countryside there our tour guide talked to us about the land and its health.
The land was constantly being worked by the farmers and because the farmers did not take times to let the land rest it literally had been worked to death and didn’t  yield much fruit or vegetation. 

High intensity workouts are very beneficial because we know  that our heart rate being ramped up helps stimulate our metabolism. What we forget sometimes is to plan 3 things to continue the process of regeneration or optimal metabolism:

1. Active Recovery– Active recovery are days we don’t quite get our heart rate as high as we do while taking classes like “LIFT” where our heart rates our literally jumping out of our chest.

2.  Passive Recovery-Days we invest in something where we “veg out” think about yourself  in a hot tub relaxing or on a massage table sleep while being rejuvenated by a  professional therapist.

3.  Post-Workout Nutrition– No need to let the muscle being broken down if we aren’t willing to fill it with the building block to help fat burners (muscles) grow.
Workouts like “Punch” can be used on recovery  days, it should just be accompanied with pre and post mobility work like our  classes “Regen” or “Recover.” For best results soft tissue work on foam roller  should be done prior to and/or after a high intensity class like LIFT.

Get a  LIFT by treating your body well!


Larry is a soft-tissue specialist/coach that has worked as a performance specialist for 9 years. Larry’s most  accomplished work within athletics was his internships with the New England  Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and later clients who played for Cincinnati  Bengals. Currently Larry does flexibility and mobility work with  University of Kentucky Football.


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