Commitment to Resolutions: Move-Look-Feel-Think

Larry Jackson ATC, LMT PES- Coach

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in mechanics and how to get the most out of every movement. My senior year in high school I competed in state as a pole vaulter. (Shout out to North Hardin who’s girls and guys recently won 2013 state championship! ) Nonetheless, in our recent LIFT class I saw something that I wanted to confess to our family and blog readers. I was on our slide-board doing a lateral slide for a 60 second interval. It was my fourth or fifth station and I was on the last set where, for 1 rep, I mentally checked out and tried to push as minimally as possible to change directions when I almost fell and busted my butt! Of course in the moment, I looked around to see if anyone saw it as I laughed to myself.

One of our nutrition challenges at LIFT one month was NO WHEAT. This is when we first noticed morale take a nose dive during this challenge. It was one of the first times that I saw even some of my most competitive clients say verbally, “I’m just not going to try”.

As Coaches, we strive to keep the daily or monthly rhythm we’ve been trying to create for our clients. Admit it, at times some of us want to do as little as possible and expect to receive benefits. You just can’t wear the shirt MOVE, LOOK, FEEL, THINK (LIFT’s t-shirt),  if you don’t even put the effort in.

Here are the benefits we as a team will continue to dedicate our energies towards


One goal we have whether before, during, or the end of class is to teach good movement. You may notice a decrease in pain, some have even achieved personal records on 5 and 10 K runs, games, or tournaments.


Some lose inches before eventually dropping pounds, but as you dedicate your life to habitually submitting to the expertise of trainers-coaches your body will appear to be leaner! (everyone’s favorite)


A number of people not only lost weight from the Prohibition month, but said they “felt” better, became more productive, and had more energy. Part of the benefits during the “wheat-free” month of trying a gluten free diet had a lot to do with monitoring how you feel at least a month and a half or 2 months into making a life-style change.     


On the road to wellness a core value that deserves much embracing is that of self-awareness. Starting to see how many products that have wheat in them was not a license to give up but to ask your coaches for alternatives. When you become aware of challenges (and we all have them) seek help in the form of alternatives.


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