Prohibition is Over or Is It?

Larry Jackson ATC, LMT,  PES

It’s been an incredibly interesting month for us at LIFT Fitness and Wellness as we observed “Prohibition” where some of us have rejected the consumption of alcohol. Let’s review a few positive benefits:

1. Increase/maintenance of protein synthesis of our “fat burning engine”

2. Decrease in cortisol (a nasty hormone that makes us not want to work out and gain weight)

3. Aids REM (rapid eye movement) cycle (which helps us get to a deep enough sleep to facilitate our body’s ability to recover)

So what do we do with this going forward?  I say our focus should be going towards 3 things:

 1. Reflecting

 2. Resting

 3. Recovery

It’s a good exercise to reflect about some of the positive benefits of how you felt with no alcohol use.  Did you notice any improvements in workout or mood?  Was work more productive? Did it lead you into possibly trying another month?

 As we look ahead lets dedicate ourselves to the 3 Rs while thinking about this formula:

Work + Rest = Success

To continue to get to the top of your game I suggest you look at your program and dedicate time to both variables. When you feel yourself getting into a rut reduce or refrain from alcohol (not your workout) and reject excuses like small aches and pain and embrace planned rest like massage or our classes like Regen or Recover, and embrace learning about healthy alternatives with nutrition!

Keep moving! Keep working!



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